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Quinnipiac Law Human Trafficking Awareness Week

Hosted by the Human Trafficking Prevention Project, the annual Human Trafficking Awareness Week features a series of free events that educate members of the Quinnipiac community, the legal community and the general public about one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time.

About The Human Trafficking Prevention Project

The board members of the Human Trafficking Prevention Project

In partnership with the Civil Justice Clinic, the Human Trafficking Prevention Project is a student-run organization that strives to raise awareness about human trafficking. By hosting training sessions and on-campus events, the Human Trafficking Prevention Project teaches diverse audiences to identify and respond to situations of human trafficking and ultimately make a difference in the lives of victims and survivors of trafficking.

2024 Human Trafficking Awareness Week

Understanding Human Trafficking: Common-Sense Legal Reforms

February 19 - February 23, 2024

The fifth annual Human Trafficking Awareness Week was held at the Quinnipiac School of Law on the North Haven Campus from February 19 to February 23, 2024.

The series — developed in partnership with the Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Connecticut Bar Association’s Committee on Human Trafficking — explored the interactions between trafficking victims and the legal system and delves into ongoing debates at the state and federal level about what reforms are needed to assist victims in escaping trafficking, in rebuilding their lives and in preventing trafficking in the first instance.


Schedule of Events

Meet the Human Trafficking Prevention Project

Human Trafficking Prevention Project student team members shared educational literature and information on human trafficking and answer any questions you may have.


Human Trafficking “Trivia” (Fast Facts):
What Makes A Person Vulnerable to Trafficking?

The media usually shows human trafficking as a strange man in a van picking up a young girl off the street — but this is not what trafficking, a trafficker or a trafficked person looks like. Participants learned who is susceptible to trafficking and uncover more myths of human trafficking.


Screening of "Same Risk, Different Gender"

While the anti-sex trafficking movement has brought awareness to female survivors of trafficking, males have been largely overlooked. "Same Risk, Different Gender" tells the true story of one boy and his experience of being groomed and sexually exploited. This short film highlighted how boys and men can be seen as problems rather than as victims and thus remain unidentified when it comes to getting help.


Panel: “Broadening the Scope: A Conversation with Males Impacted by Trafficking”

Two men spoke about their personal experiences and other themes relating to the sex and labor trafficking of males. Grounding the discussion in their lived experiences, our two speakers highlighted topics such as prevalence, stereotypes and myths, vulnerabilities and intersectionality, recovery and reform.


Panel: “Protecting Immigrant Children from Trafficking: Their Journeys Before and After They Reach the U.S.”

Each year, thousands of unaccompanied migrant children from Central America arrive in the U.S. without their families. This panel explored why these children come and how we process and resettle them across the country. The panel came full circle by describing the children's struggles to regularize their immigration status in the U.S. while providing insight on pathways to immigrate legally before they even leave home.

For more details about the panels and to access resource materials, please visit the Connecticut Bar Foundation's website.

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