A top-tier legal education paced for you

Whether you are a corporate professional, firefighter, police officer, teacher, paralegal or a busy parent, Quinnipiac’s part-time JD program is designed for those with the ambition to pursue a legal career, but who may also have work and family commitments or additional responsibilities. The part-time JD offers the same high-quality ABA-approved curriculum as our full-time JD program taught by the same highly experienced full-time faculty, ensuring that you receive the same rigorous preparation and commitment to practical learning.

As a part-time student, you are part of a highly supportive, collegial law school community that enables you to form close relationships and build strong professional networks. Merit scholarships and other forms of financial aid are available. You’ll have the same access to all career development and support services offered in the law school as well as student-run organizations, service work opportunities in communities both near and far, and resources that provide meaningful, hands-on experience.