Program Overview

Modern digital and mobile technologies have added a new dimension of legal challenges to exciting areas such as entertainment and internet law. Our intellectual property concentration explores the key issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrighting and trade secrets.

You’ll develop a firm grounding in a variety of fields that intellectual property law affects by taking courses on topics such as computer and internet law, patent litigation, sports law and entertainment law. You can participate in an externship in a law firm or corporate legal department to do the intellectual property work that lawyers do, protecting the creativity of artists, musicians and inventors. And in your courses or on a journal, you can write extensively on specific areas relating to your career interests.

You can take advantage of Connecticut’s extensive base of biomedical research and pharmaceutical firms, which are fertile sectors for lawyers who specialize in patent law. Through such an externship placement, you can study patent law in a hands-on manner; you will be contributing to society by helping clients develop patents claiming inventions intended to solve health, hunger and technology issues.