Program Overview

Few areas of the legal system are more emotionally challenging than family law, especially when the fate of a child is at issue. We not only place an emphasis on developing a strong foundation in the law, but we also instill an appreciation for how real families function, and the new ways that family lawyers are expected to work with families in need. You’ll explore topics related to child development, same-sex marriage and other family dynamics that paint a vivid picture of your clients’ lives and the challenges they face.

The family law concentration uses an innovative, interprofessional approach that gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other professionals — such as social workers — to develop creative solutions to potentially volatile cases. Because litigation is rarely the most appropriate course of action for families, you’ll learn alternative methods of dispute resolution, including mediation and other negotiation and collaborative approaches that promote the abilities of families to thrive and communicate peacefully, well after the legal case has ended.

Quinnipiac’s extensive clinic and externship courses let you go out in the field and serve family law clients while honing your skills. Our Family and Juvenile Law Society is a valuable resource for career development events and networking opportunities with lawyers in the field. And our nationally recognized Center on Dispute Resolution hosts a variety of symposia, professional workshops and special training sessions aimed at building sophisticated problem-solving skills that are particularly key in the practice of family law.