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Quinnipiac Law Law Review and Journals

In the tradition of American law schools, Quinnipiac Law sponsors student-edited scholarly journals that contribute to both student education and legal scholarship. These three journals allow you to participate in the editorial process, write a substantial note or casenote and earn academic credit for journal-related work.

Quinnipiac Law Review

The Quinnipiac Law Review has been committed to publishing exceptional scholarship on an eclectic range of legal subjects for nearly 40 years. We strive to be a major voice on the issues affecting our nation’s broad legal landscape, as well as provide a ground for fertile discourse related to all law fields and specialties.

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Quinnipiac Health Law Journal

The Quinnipiac Health Law Journal publishes only the strongest scholarship related to the ever-changing and often polarizing subjects of health law and policy, biomedical ethics and medical-legal research. With each issue, this student-run journal provides a forum for interdisciplinary discourse between legal professionals and educators and the broader health sciences community.

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Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal

The student-run Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal has provided a major forum for the voices and opinions from probate courts in Connecticut and other jurisdictions across the country for over 30 years (previously published as the Connecticut Probate Law Journal).

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