Program Overview

As a tax attorney, you’ll work to ensure that clients understand the tax implications of business and personal transactions, maximizing tax savings in a manner that is ethical and complies with the tax laws. The knowledge you’ll gain and skill sets you’ll develop in our program will make you a valuable resource, not only to law firms but to government agencies, accounting firms and businesses of all types. You’ll study the structure of the current income tax system and become familiar with statutes, regulations, case law and legislative history, and apply them to tax planning and tax controversies. You’ll also consider the importance of tax policy and ethics. 

While studying the nuances of tax law, you can put your skills into practice in our Tax Clinic — the oldest continuously operating clinic of its kind in the country — or through an externship with a judge, tax attorney or the Internal Revenue Service, or by assisting community residents with income tax preparation through our Tax Law Society’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.