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Celebrating our Dean’s Fellows and Supporting Future Generations

School of Law Fellows Pay it Forward Fund

In celebration of our 20th year of offering Dean's Fellows Scholarships, we look back with tremendous pride on the remarkable achievements of our Dean's Fellows — including you!

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Introducing the School of Law Fellows Pay it Forward Fund

Joan Metzler
Joan V. Metzler, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Quinnipiac University School of Law

I am excited to introduce you to our "School of Law Fellows Pay It Forward Fund." This initiative is born from the idea that generosity should be passed down through generations, ensuring that future Dean's Fellows have the same transformative opportunities that you had.

Please join me in supporting this fund. Your contribution will play a vital role in sustaining the tradition of the Dean's Fellows program, enabling future generations of promising scholars and leaders to follow you. Your support is greatly appreciated and will have a lasting impact for future Quinnipiac Law students.

Thank you for being a vital part in shaping our legacy of excellence and leadership.

Warm regards,

Joan V. Metzler
Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Quinnipiac University School of Law

Student & Alumni Testimonials

Hear from our current and former Dean's Fellows how the scholarship had a tremendous impact on their lives.

Lily Shurra

Lily Schurra, JD ’16

“To be a Dean’s Fellow means to be more than a law student, more than a lawyer. It means you’re part of something bigger than yourself and your own journey, and you have the most incredible opportunity to make a profound impact on the Fellows who come after you. For me, being a Dean’s Fellow meant developing a mentor-mentee bond with the Dean that lasts to this day. It meant beaming with pride as I shared my law school with prospective students and staying connected to Dean’s Fellows of all graduating years because of the incredible opportunities we had to come together and bond together. I’ve not made a single move in my career since without the advice, guidance, and support of that same network. They’ve lifted me up in hard times, they’ve acted as a guiding light when the path was hard to see, and they’ve celebrated with me every small win, every triumph.”

James Demetriades

James Demetriades, JD ’18

"The Dean's Fellow Program allowed me to access a legal education without going into debt. It unlocked an ability for me to run for local office while still in law school. It has allowed me to pursue a career in labor advocacy working to advocate for working people across the state of Connecticut. Without this program, I would not have been able to develop into the leader that I have become. I owe everything to Quinnipiac and the Dean's Fellow Program."

Lauren Baretta

Lauren Baretta, JD ’24

“I am incredibly grateful to be a Dean’s Fellow at Quinnipiac. The Dean’s Fellows Scholarship has given me the ability to pursue the work I am most passionate about, including public interest law.”

What is the Fellows Pay it Forward Fund?

This fund is intended to attract multiple donors each year who have benefitted from the School of Law's generous Dean's Fellows and Faculty Fellows programs.

The School of Law Dean's Fellows awards are full-tuition scholarships available to full-time applicants with a record of extraordinary scholarly achievement and leadership demonstrating commitment to the community through volunteerism, public service or civic activities.

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